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Yoru has undoubtedly been one of the most ignored Duelists in Valorant both in pubs and the competitive scene alike since its initial release. While his kit is certainly quite unique in theory, that doesn’t make it very useful in practice. 

Yoru has always suffered from incredibly low pick rates and an abysmal win rate in the professional scene, which is why Valorant players across the world have been asking Riot for a complete rework to the agent.

Luckily, Riot Games has listened to its player base, and they’ve recently revealed the changes that are coming to the Japanese Duelist in the upcoming patch 4.03.

Valorant Patch 4.03: Yoru Rework Explained

Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming Yoru rework in the 4.03 update:

Fakeout – Instead of sending fake footsteps in a specific direction, Yoru’s ‘Fakeout’ ability will now send a full-body clone of Yoru instead. When shot at, the full-body clone will face the attacker and explode, flashing enemies in a cone-shaped area. 

Yoru’s teammates will be able to differentiate between the clone and Yoru. 

Dimensional Drift – The upcoming patch will see a lot of changes to Yoru’s ult. Here’s everything you need to know:

  • During Ult, Yoru will no longer be revealed to enemies
  • Yoru will be able to cast all utility while in Dimensional Drift
  • Enemies will be able to hear Yoru’s footsteps
  • Nearsighted is removed
  • Unequip delay time is increased slightly
  • Cast delay added when casting Dimensional Drift, preventing the invulnerability frame on cast

It’ll be interesting to see how these changes affect the agent in the 4.03 patch and whether or not it’ll improve Yoru’s pick rate and make it a viable agent in the pro scene. 

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