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With a big update on the horizon, Valorant servers will be taken down from 06:00 PST for maintenance.

Valorant Episode 4 is known to drop on Tuesday, 11 January or 12th January for a handful of timezones. The hype is primarily driven by the new agent, a duelist unlike any other and arguably the most explosive one to date.

The game is set to undergo a plethora of alternations in terms of fighting mechanics and overall ranked matchmaking that will change the dynamics of the game.

Servers across all regions will be taken down temporarily from 06.00 PST (Image via Riot Games)
Credits: Riot

Riot has announced that the competitive queue will be closed like every time and followed it up by another notice stating that about the delay. The notice comes without any information that may hint us at when the servers are set to reopen but it won’t be long that is for sure.

Looks like players need to wait for a few more hours before they will be able to enjoy Neon. Until then sit tight and trust Riot to make everything seamless before the game reopens for the public soon.

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