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The framework behind Valorant’s current progression system is reportedly getting overhauled as suggested by data miner, ValoLeaks on Twitter. Players will now receive Match Boxes along with a new line of in-game currency dubbed as “Act Points” which might revamp the ideas behind getting weapon cosmetics in the game. 

Ever since Valorant was brought by Riot on their title deck, the progression system of the first-person shooter has remained the same and never got a massive update that would headline a different format of the former. 

With the current surfacing of some data thanks to ValorLeaks, the ongoing Episode 4 might reward players with a set of Match Boxes from playing games or logging in daily while the introduction of a new in-game currency, Act Points may help grab rewards in the form of cosmetics. The end game behind Act Points is yet to be determined although it may need to pass the PBE first. Act Points sound like a new way of progression which might hint towards a custom Act store where the points might be able to get you weapon cosmetics, missed earlier. 

Till now, Valorant have had a plethora of content-driven options which include the Battle Pass, Night Market, and Daily offers but with Act points, it would be a handy option to eliminate the probability of missing out on a certain bundle or a specific cosmetic. 

As earlier mentioned, you would receive a set of Act Points upon opening your matchboxes.

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