Upthrust Esports, a popular esports organization and media broadcasting company has joined hands with earbuds brand Wings Lifestyle to host an exciting IP called Wingslifestyle Upthrust Esports India Series 2022.


Wings Lifestyle has joined this tournament organizer as a title sponsor and homebred streaming platform, Loco, are the streaming partners of this event. There are two titles namely BGMI and Pokemon Unite. A massive prize pool of ₹15 Lakhs is allocated to BGMI whereas ₹50,000 are up for grabs at the Pokemon Unite event.

Kartik Sabherwal the Founder & Managing Director of Upthrust Esports shared his insights on this tournament and said the following:

“The Indian esports industry is one of the fastest-growing esports industries in the country. The participation of the players in competitions and winning positions at the global level has raised the interest of the audience more into esports. The inclusion of esports in the Asian Games is also helping change the negative perception of mobile gaming. Parents and society are now realizing that esports can be a rewarding career option. These factors have resulted in a significant rush in esports players in India & with events like Wingslifestyle – Upthrust Esports India Rising, esports players will have all the opportunity to become a part of the next big thing.”

– Kartik Sabherwal the Founder & Managing Director of Upthrust Esports

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Vijay Venkateswaran, the Marketing Head of Wings Lifestyle commented on this partnership as well and stated:

“With the Wings and Upthrust alliance, we are a step closer to realizing the core potential of Indian esports as a mainstream sport and a career. Sharing this vision with Upthrust, our products are designed to cater to the core needs of the Indian gamer. From low latency, top-of-the-line gaming aesthetics, and seamless hardware, we make it affordable to pair up the masses with the most epic lag-free mobile gaming experience.”

– Vijay Venkateswaran, the Marketing Head of Wings Lifestyle

The BGMI section is an invite only tournament with the following format:

  • Quarter-Finals (March 6-8, 2022): The quarters will feature a total of 27 teams (12 Qualified + 15 Invited) who will battle for 3 days for spots in the qualifiers.
  • Semi-Finals (March 9-15, 2022): The semi-finals will feature a total of 24 teams (14 Invited + 10 qualified from the quarter-finals) who will battle for 16 spots in the Grand Finals.
  • Grand Finals (March 16-24, 2022): The Grand Finals will host 16 teams who will fight over a period of 7 days to determine the winner.

The list of invited teams for Quarter Finale is as follows:

  1. Old hood Esports
  2. Tactical eSports
  3. Rivalry Esports
  4. R Esports
  5. Team Insane
  6. Celsius Esports
  7. Marcos Gaming
  8. Orgless 5
  9. Global Esports
  10. Team Brawlers
  11. Revenge Esports
  12. Team Forever
  13. Team Entity
  14. Team Celtz
  15. Blind Esports

Following teams are invited for semi finals:

  1. Skylightz Gaming
  2. TSM
  3. Team XO
  4. Godlike Esports
  5. 7Sea Esports
  6. Hyderabad Hydras
  7. OR Esports
  8. Revenant Esports
  9. Team Soul
  10. Enigma Gaming
  11. Orangutan Gaming
  12. Team 8bit
  13. Team XSpark
  14. Chemin Esports

The prize pool for BGMI is distributed as follows:

Pokemon Unite will be an open-for-all tournament and will kickstart on 25th March 2022. Its prize pool is given below:

Viewers can watch this tournament live on Loco as well as YouTube. The matches will be streamed from 6th March to 24th March on every scheduled day at 1:00PM IST. This is an exciting event that will boost the growth of esports in India.

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