In a weird instance on Turkish television, a Counter Strike map was featured on National TV.


When international relations expert Dr. Muhammet Koçak was on air to talk about the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army, he put up a virtual background during his appearance.

The background was an iconic Counter Strike map cs_assault. Cs_assault was a very popular map back in the 1.6 days.

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Dr Muhammet Koçak was on tv to talk about the current state of affairs regarding Ukraine and Russia, with the latter invading the former in the wee hours of morning yesterday.

Many users took the appearance of a CS 1.6 map as a background to mean that he was, in fact, calling the ‘military operation’ by Russia, a straight up assault on Ukraine and its people.

Users also reminisced, seeing a counter strike map appear on national TV reminded them of the time they spent playing CS 1.6 on the map

cs_assault. One user said “So many good memories on this map from the lan-houses era…”. This isn’t the first time Counter Strike or it’s version have made it to National TV as an Indian channel used the terrorist model from CSGO when talking about the taliban and Afghanistan.

The full video can be found here

The r/globaloffensive subreddit also coloured their icon in the colours of Ukraine, to show their solidarity and support for the country. They followed in the footsteps of many esports orgs like Natus Vincere, Astralis and Ninjas in Pyjamas.

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