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Team X Spark, led by popular BGMI player Tanmat Singh aka ScoutOP has been disbanded. In his recent stream, ScoutOP revealed the information to his fans. The team made the official statement on their Instagram page. On December 2nd, 2021, Team X Spark was formed with Mavi, Sc0utOP, Ultron, GiLL, and ClownY.

The announcement wrote, “On a collective decision made regarding internal issues with the current BGMI roster. The management confirms that the BGMI Team has been disbanded and is on hold for further operations till further notice. Thank You.” They further wrote “Our players, ScoutOP and Mavi Harman will be sticking together during the entire duration of the hold period. Promising a stronger come back this time.”

Although, The squad has been disbanded fro the major issues within the team. ScoutOP revealed, one of the other reasons to disband the team was the lack of investment and financial support to the team. The organization could not fulfill the demands of the players which resulted in the disbanding.

There has been no official news on where the Team X Spark players will be headed after the team disbands. It has been speculated that Gill is expected to join Godlike Esports as the 5th player. The fate of Viru and Clowny is still unknown.

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