S8UL Gaming House, the home and work space of some of the top gaming content creators in India, was attacked by six youths. The accused were pelting stones at the window of S8UL Gaming house and after launching a formal complaint, four of them have been arrested by the police.


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8Bit Creatives co-owner 8Bit Goldy took it to his social media to create an awareness on the serious matter of hatred and explained the ordeal. According to him, He and another member of S8UL returned back from Goa and were resting at the facility when they heard a bang on the window.

The noises continued for some time until 8Bit Goldy and Soul Mortal went upstairs and spotted people hiding in bushes and pelting stones at the facility. The attack caused some property damage to the window and broke the mirror of Hastar’s car.

S8UL representatives then went on to bait the culprits and invited them into the facility under the pretext of click photographs. They detained four of the attackers and called the police. The guard was also injured in this attack.

A complaint has been lodged at the Khargar police station and four youth are held there while two others are still missing. 8Bit Goldy also said that the youths were actually kids and their parents are called to the police station as well. Their identities are kept secret for now as they are minors.

S8UL has a large fan base with a small portion of ill-wishers as well. The hate speech issue has been pertinent in community for a long time but these youngsters took it to another level by breaking the law. The course of action is not revealed yet.

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