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Esports organizers Skyesports emerged as one of India’s top corporations in the esports industry while settings extraordinary benchmarks in 2021. Heading into 2022, the company is far from taking its foot of the gas as it aims to reach greater heights.

The Chennai-based organization has massively shaken the dynamics of the industry with its plethora of events across a variety of games. Having convinced over 280,000 gamers to participate in their tournaments, Skyesports were able to attain heights that made their competitors look bleak.

“Whether it was our long-time partners in AMD or the digital shopping store Croma, we made sure that every one of them hit their advertising goals through esports,” said Gnana Shekar, the chief marketing officer of Skyesports. “With the industry expected to hit new heights in the coming years, Skyesports will be in the forefront of breaking barriers and setting a benchmark, similar to what we did with the Skyesports League this summer.”

The Skyesports League was the most coveted project that brought in tons of attention towards them. The idea of a city-based franchise league in the Indian esports space was something unheard of until they brought the league into fruition. With a prize pool of 16 Lakh INR, this was by far one of the most rewarding tournaments that was hosted in India.

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