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Following her recent announcement that her contract with Twitch has come to an end, Imane “Pokimane” Anys has confirmed that she’d be sticking with the streaming platform once again instead of switching to a different one.

Pokimane’s Tweet on January 31 got her fans talking, when she stated that her contract with Twitch had ended. Several rumors sparked about her potential move to YouTube Gaming or other streaming platforms. However, it seems like that wont be the case. 

Through a Tweet on February 8th, Poki confirmed her “next chapter” and announced that she’d continue streaming on Twitch. She’s also giving away a Tesla to her fans to celebrate the occasion. 

“About that platform announcement… Instead of choosing between a red or purple car, I’m GIVING ONE AWAY,” Pokimane said. 

This announcement comes only a few weeks after Poki found herself amid some heavy drama involving her, Jidion and Ninja. The controversy escalated to an extent that Ninja even considered suing Pokimane for “defamation of character”.

Fans of Pokimane throughout the world will be eagerly looking forward to her next stream to celebrate the event alongside her. 

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