pokimane twitch ban

Pokimane has been banned for 48 hours following a DMCA takedown that came after she held a watch party with thousands of her viewers where they watched Avatar: The Last Airbender.


Its safe to say Pokimane expected something like this might unfold which is why she took measures. It’s safe to say they failed. “When the world needed him most, he vanished (and deleted all his vods and clips from the past 2 weeks)” said DisguisedToast.

“You absolutely could make the argument that Pokimane was a fool for trying to do this. Just like all the other folks streaming content with obvious DMCA risks. But Twitch sitting there and just watching while all this happens is also pretty frustrating. Do something about this. For those that don’t know, she was streaming Avatar, a very popular animated series (movie? I dunno). Point is, which Twitch is sitting there raking in money off this, and they KNOW their creators are sticking their necks out, it seems very much like something should be done. And apparently, the main takeaway for me from all this is I need to watch Avatar as I have not.” said CohhCarnage.

Being careless, she has managed to land a 48-hour ban on herself, as streaming a show of that stature will land a DMCA takedown, which goes without saying. Pokimane was aware of the possibility of a ban which she tried to evade by mirroring the show but not to anyone’s surprise, it miserably failed.

48 hours may seem long and will cost Pokimane some money, having to miss out on the opportunity to stream for two days, but she will definitely come out wiser when the ban is over.

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