South Asia’s leading esports company NODWIN Gaming has acquired a 10% stake in the digital content IP Media network Rusk Media, making it their latest investment since getting funded back in March of 2021.


Rusk Media is a digital content IP Media network, whose content is “tailor-made” for audiences between the age of 15-25, which happens to coincide with the majority of esports viewership. This move will be aimed towards the “massification” of the budding esports industry in the region.

We’re excited to have NODWIN Gaming as a part of our journey to revolutionize entertainment for the Gen-Z & Millennial audience. We want to bring together the worlds of entertainment and esports and create digital-first IPs that are made for gaming fans,” said Mayank Yadav, CEO, Rusk Media.

As of late, NODWIN Gaming also acquired OML Entertainment thus inheriting the BACARDI NH7 Weekender live event IP. NODWIN Gaming expects to develop and extend its array of IPs in the gaming and esports industry, with Rusk Media being their latest investment.

“As a leader of esports in the South Asian region, we aim to eventually have a significant presence across the entire ecosystem in this sector. Through our investment in Rusk Media, we aim to take further steps in the massification of esports and gaming by creating entertainment-first gaming IPs for the GenZ”, said Akshat Rathee, Managing Director, NODWIN Gaming.

NODWIN Gaming is growing at a remarkable pace and with more extraodinary events on the horizon, the company is on its way to reach even greater heights.

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