Just last month Netflix had revealed its intentions to enter into gaming market by offering in-house video games to its subscribers at no additional cost. During its Q2 2021 earnings report, Netflix stated that they are in “early stages” and view “gaming as another new content category for us, similar to our expansion into original films, animation, and unscripted TV.”


While the company didn’t reveal many details about its foray into gaming, some news outlets were already reporting about Netflix working on games related to its original IP and will soon offer games to its subscribers. 

Netflix isn’t the first major company to try its luck in the gaming sector. In fact, other tech giants like Amazon and Google or some already established ones like Microsoft’s Xbox & Sony’s Playstation have a successful arm in the gaming industry. But, unlike other tech giants, Netflix plans to offer game made on its original IP at no additional cost, adverts, or microtransactions. Also, the company doesn’t plan to add a game streaming service, rather they will launch full-fledged mobile games

As it turns out, Netflix has recently begun testing its new service in Poland with the launch of two mobile games based on its original IP – Stranger Things. For now, Netflix has launched Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game as a test run for the service. Both games are supported only on android devices but Netflix has not ruled out plans to port it to iOS as well. Users subscribed to Netflix will be able to download and play these games at no additional cost from Google Play Store. 

The company also has plans to offer games on console and PC in the future through its app on different platforms. Although for now only android users can enjoy this service. The company also has partnered with game developers such as Valve and Riot, to produce television content based on popular video games. Netflix has also hired industry expert, Mike Verdu as Vice President of Game Development to work on its gaming division. Before Netflix Mike has worked on multiple mobile game for publishers such Electronic Arts, Zynga, Atari, etc.

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