Master Chef is a reality cooking show that is watched by millions around the globe which has recently been at the center of Twitch meta and it might be on its way to its demise after DMCA strikes started cracked on streamers.


A large part of Twitch’s reaction community has been hopping on the Master Chef bandwagon given its pulling a ridiculous amount of viewers at the risk of a DMCA strike. Sadly, one of the frontrunners of this meta, Hasan has been haded a DMCA notice, which translates to the fact that he won’t be able to stream it here on out.

“Okay, it’s over. Yeah, Master Chef is over,” “Master Chef as a meta is completely over. That’s it, it’s done.” “I’m sorry boys. It’s fuck bollocks,” “but unfortunately Master Chef will no longer be watched on this stream or on other streams as well. There you go. Controversy ended.” said Hasan.

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Not just Hasan, the entire reaction community hopped onto the Master Chef bandwagon as soon as they saw what it was capable of even though the risk of a DMCA strike loomed over their heads.

Hasan’s Tweet is a warning for all other streamers doing the same as sooner or later, their streams and VODs are going to infringe over Master Chef’s original content and a DMCA strike would be inevitable.

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