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Popular streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins will be looking for a new manager as his wife/ co. manager will be stepping down after years of success.

Jessica Blevins, known for being Ninja’s wife and manager has spent 3 years in her position, bringing massive success to the Ninja brand and was instrumental in his success as he rose to global stardom.

With her as a manager, Ninja shattered records in the streaming business, from being the most popular Twitch streamer to one of the most coveted online personalities of all time, the pair went through it all to reach where they are today.

“Over the last year I’ve been growing my brand similar to what I did with Tyler. I have a PR team. I signed with CAA.  Before I was focusing on Tyler, so now I’m focusing on my brand simultaneously.”

“Right now I’m really torn. We’re talking about when do we pull the plug and do this. I haven’t told anyone that.  You heard it here first.”

“We’re realizing that there will come a time, and it may come sooner rather than later, that I won’t be his manager anymore”

Like all good things, her time as Ninja’s manager will come to an end eventually, while Ninja won’t have her as his manager anymore, he’ll have her endless support as his wife.

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