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The first day of IEM Katowice 2022 kicked off with Virtus.pro and Heroic registering wins in their opening games. VP overcame high-flying Danish side Copenhagen Flames with a swift 2-0 while Heroic had to go the full distance to take their win vs OG. VP will now face the winner of Gambit vs NiP while Heroic will lock horns with the winner of the MOUZ vs Vitality tie.

Map 1: Vertigo (Virtus.pro 16-9 Copenhagen Flames)

Map 2: Inferno (Virtus.pro 16-10 Copenhagen Flames)

Virtus.pro were always the favored side, despite Copenhagen Flames coming to the main event on the back of some dominant wins vs fnatic and Ninjas in Pyjamas. Jame and co. didn’t let the Danes put a foot right on their T side on their pick of Vertigo. YEKINDAR started the proceedings off with an ACE in the pistol round and that would be a sign of things to come for CPF.

Together with Jame he locked down the A site, netting another ACE in the 10th round to send the danes packing with just 3 T rounds.
They had a slow T side start but recovered well to quickly end the map 16-9 and move to Inferno.

VP’s pick of inferno proved to be the right choice yet again as they ran riot on the Terrorist side with 11 rounds. Despite CPF having more opening kills, it was VP who were able to close rounds out, courtesy of FL1T and Jame. 

CPF tried to mount a comeback on the T side, with a string of 5 as the scoreline read 12-10 and a comeback as possible. But VP relied on buster this time to quickly mop up the remaining rounds and send CPF to the lower bracket.

Map 1: Ancient (OG 16-14 Heroic)

Map 2: Overpass (OG 12-16 Heroic)

Map 3: Inferno (OG 13-16 Heroic)

Both the sides were evenly matched coming into the game, the Danes may have the upper hand as they had been together as a roster for a longer period but on the server, they were evenly matched. The 3 maps they played were won with round differences of 2, 3, and 4 which shows just how close the game was.

OG picked into Ancient and being as CT-sided as it is, they still managed 6 T side rounds towards the end. Earlier on heroic had total control and mounted a lead of 9-1 to start us off. 

OG showed their own CT side prowess, with flameZ on the A site and valde on the B site keeping the Danes at bay. Despite just 1 clutch going their way, OG won out the game 16-14.

Moving to Overpass, OG had another fiery start with 6 rounds to their name and heroic getting just 2. IGL cadiaN then turned up the pressure and they were able to get away with 8 T rounds, with sjuush’s brilliant 1v3 to pump them up.

OG’s T side fell flat and despite moments of brilliance in a few rounds, Heroic never really lost control and sat comfortably with 6 map points. They took home their pick, 16-12.

Finally, on the classic decider of Inferno, Heroic showed their strength on the offense with a magnificent start and went up 8-2 while OG were in shambles. A quick 3K from mantuu on the AWP breathed life into them and they managed 4 more to end the half at 9-6.

flameZ started the OG pistol with a fiery 4K with the P250 that shocked the casters too and put OG within touching distance of Heroic’s lead. They brought it as close as 10-9 but once Heroic took control of the CT side economy, it was all over. nexa’s men only found 2 more rounds and heroic ended the map 16-12.


OG and Copenhagen Flames both fall down to the lower bracket. OG will play the loser of Vitality vs MOUZ while CPF will take on the NiP vs Gambit Loser.

To book an upper bracket final berth Heroic and Virtus.Pro will play the winners of the said matches, respectively.


Gambit vs NiP – 20:30 IST
Team Vitality vs MOUZ – 21:00 IST

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