The rare opportunity to grab the barbarian Fyra skin is around in Fortnite and no better time to prepare it than now, here’s how to do it.


Having released in 2019, there weren’t many opporutnities for players to pick it up, making it one of the most coveted skins in the game, as well as a rare one. Since its debut two years ago, it was avaiable on a few occasions when a lot of players missed out on the chance to get it in their collection.

The skin can only be found in store, where, if you have enough V bucks, you can grab it. Taking into account the treand of its appearence, the skin can be found once a year in the store and unless you have sufficent V-Bucks, there is not way that you will be able to get it.

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The skin will likely be set around 2400 V-Bucks so make sure the aforementioned amount is always there in your account incase the skin comes around for another season in 2022, likely in the middle of the year.

In its last appearance in September 2021, Fyra’s dedicated bundle known as the Derponce’s Locker, included four items in total: the Fyra Skin (Epic), the Tri-Star Pickaxe (Rare), the Sky Ray Glider (Epic), and the Accolades Emote (Rare).

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