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CSGO added a new Service Medal to the game for the year 2022. Just like every year before this, the New Service Medal will be available in the New Year from January 1st. The medal can be claimed by earning XP through playing the game.

Whenever a player reaches Level 40 – Global General rank, their rank resets and they get the option to either earn or upgrade their service medal. The first time this will happen in 2022, the player will earn the 2022 Service Medal that is grey in colour.

As players earn more XP, by playing different game modes such as Deathmatch, Competitive, Arms Race, Retakes etc their level will increase and each time they hit level 40, they have a chance to upgrade the Service medal. The first upgrade turns the grey into green, level 3 is blue, followed by purple, pink and finally red. The progression can be seen here

Surprisingly this year, there has been no winter update with Christmas lights, sweaters for chickens or even Snowballs in deathmatch to mess around with and one can only hope Valve are working on a big update with the Dreams and Nightmares case and that is why the Christmas update is missing. 

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