A Forza Horizon 5 player has reportedly received an 8,000-year ban after designing an in-game ‘KFC’ car featuring the face of Kim Jong-un, the North Korean Supreme Leader.


Alongside the logo of KFC and the face of Kim Jong-Un, the livery also included the hashtag “Send Nukes,” the logo of New Balance depicted as  “Nuke Balance,” and the Nike logo written as “Nuke”.

The news was initially shared by Reddit user ‘AllThingsRacing’, who claims to be a friend of the banned player.

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“So my friend just told me that he got an 8,000-year ban for one of his liveries, looks like T10 doesn’t like jokes or something. He never received any warning before this ban either.” 

While the car may have only been designed for humorous purposes, it doesn’t seem like Turn 10 studios’ took the joke lightly, as it resulted in a 8,000-year ban for the creator.

Many social media users have commented on the ban and mocked the company for banning the player, while cheaters and exploiters are often seen roaming freely on the map.

It’s still unclear whether the player will appeal to the ban or if the ban will be removed in the future.

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