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G2 made short work of MIBR in their final game of BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2022. They defeated the Brazilians 16-5 on Ancient and 16-6 on Inferno to secure their qualification at the BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2022. The star fragger once again was Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovac but young AWP prodigy Ilya ‘m0NESY’ Osipov stole the spotlight with his stupendous 1v4 clutch,and a consistent performance throughout. MIBR will now compete in the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown for a chance to qualify for the Spring Finals.


1. MIBR removed Mirage

2. G2 removed Overpass

3. MIBR picked Ancient

4. G2 picked Inferno

5. MIBR removed Vertigo

6. G2 removed Nuke

7. Dust2 was left over

MAP 1 – Ancient : G2 16-5 MIBR

G2 started on MIBR’s map pick and that would be the Brazilians’ undoing. It wouldn’t be until the 7th round that they would pick up their first round, and that is all they would get in the first half as the international roster took total control of the map.

NiKo locked down the B site on his own, getting 22 kills on his own while huNter- supported him well with 17 frags.

G2 moved into the second half with a 14-1 lead, and needed only 2 to win the map. They lost the pistol but once the guns came out it was all in G2’s control once again as they ended the map 16-5.

MAP 2 – Inferno : G2 16-6 MIBR

Starting on the T side on their own map pick, things went swimmingly for G2. Once again MIBR had to wait for 7 rounds to get their first on the CT side, as continuous clutches from the Kovac brothers on the G2 side pulled them out of sticky situations.

The highlight of the game, and perhaps the whole tournament was m0NESY’s 1v4 AWP clutch. The 16 year old reminded everyone of his raw skill as he pulled off 2 no scopes in what was a near impossible situation to give his side the 8th round. 

MIBR couldn’t do much more and ended the half 1 better than Ancient, trailing by 2-13. 

G2 did the needful on the CT side and lost only 4 rounds as they won the map 16-6.

BLAST Premier Spring Finals For G2

With this win, G2 confirmed their qualification for BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2022 alongside FaZe Clan, OG, and Team Vitality. They will be joined by 2 more teams out of NaVi/NiP and Astralis/BIG.

The last 2 slots will be filled up by teams from BLAST Premier Spring Showdown. MIBR join the likes of Evil Geniuses, Complexity and Team Liquid to compete in the 16-team tournament later on in the year.

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