ENCE made it to IEM Katowice 2022 Group stages with their win over GODSENT. The series was much closer than expected and GODSENT fought tooth and nail on the second map to take us to a third. Even on Mirage they were in the Driver’s seat but failed to find success on the T side and ENCE emerged victoriously. GODSENT will go home alongside BIG, Renegades, and MIBR as they failed to make it past the play-ins.



  • ENCE removed Inferno
  • GODSENT removed Dust2
  • ENCE picked Nuke
  • GODSENT picked Ancient
  • ENCE removed Vertigo
  • GODSENT removed Overpass
  • Mirage was left over

MAP 1: Nuke


They say Danes have an affinity for Nuke in CSGO and ENCE’s IGL Snappi showed us that it was indeed true today. They lost the pistol but Spearheaded by aim star Spinx and then a clutch by Snappi, ENCE dismantled the Brazilian defense on Nuke. 11-2 down at one point, GODSENT looked deflated but managed to find 2 towards the end to end the half 11-4.

But the CT defense from ENCE was even stronger as they lost just 1 round and completed a swift 16-5  win over the Brazilians.

MAP 2: Ancient


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The second map, the pick of GODSENT, was split right down the middle throughout the game. From the start dumau was the star of the show, especially on the CT side where he had a huge impact. GODSENT had a decent T side to start the proceedings with 7 T rounds which is respectable enough considering the CT bias of Ancient. 

The Brazilians looked as if they would take their pick with ease as they led ENCE by 13-10 but inspired AWPing from hades helped ENCe get to map point and it was GODSENT who had to sweat in the last 2  to take it to OT.

In overtime 1 the teams were neck and neck again and a second OT was required wherein GODSENT managed to pull through to win 22-19 and find themselves on Mirage as the decider.

MAP 3: Mirage


Mirage started just like Ancient ended with both teams trading blow for blow on ENCE’s T side. The newest addition, maden alongside Spinx, found entries for ENCE to help them with an advantage and found 7 T rounds at the half.

But spirits were low and GODSENT cashed in on it to go 7-11 up as the second half started.

It was Israeli rifler Spinx yet again on the CT side who shut down the Brazilians, not allowing them a single round as ENCE put up 9 on the trot to send GODSENT packing out of IEM Katowice 2022. 

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