dream manhunt

If you’re an avid Minecraft fan, there’s not a chance that you haven’t heard of Dream. The 22-year-old rose to fame through his incredible Minecraft speedruns and gained over 10 million subscribers in under a year despite being involved in some hefty controversies.


Dream is also well-known for the ‘Manhunts’ that he organizes quite regularly. These Manhunts see Minecraft speedrunners trying to beat the game by defeating the Ender Dragon while Hunters try to stop them in their tracks. 

There were a total of six Minecraft Manhunts that Dream organized in 2021, with the last Minecraft Manhunt taking place on December 1, 2021. Nearly two and a half months after his last Manhunt, the star has announced his next Manhunt – ‘The Final Manhunt’. 

How to Watch The Final Manhunt 

Fans who want to catch The Final Manhunt live will have to tune in to Dream’s official YouTube channel on February 26, 2022, 10 pm GMT. 

While Dream fans are pretty concerned that this might be his last Manhunt, whether or not Dream continues to organize Minecraft Manhunts in the future still remains to be seen. 

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