Disguised Toast becomes the second big name to get banned from Twitch following a Death Note watch party that possibly landed him a DMCA notice on Monday evening.


Toast did not mention the reason behind the ban but given the circumstances, it is very likely to be a DMCA strike. Taking part in the TV show meta, a lot of streamers were braodcasting an anime of their choice at the risk of getting banned, given all animes are copyrighted by respective studios.

According to follow-up Tweet from Toast, the ban will last for a month, which is extremely harsh given Pokimane was only banned for 48 hours doing something exactly similar.

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“TV meta” is what the community likes to call it has viewers flocking over to streams that are streaming popular TV shows or anime. Hasan had warned streamers against streaming shows like Master Chef as DMCA strikes are raning down on such content.

Disguised Toast did not share an elaborate statement explaining the situation but picking up on the clues, anything besides a DMCA strike seems unlikely but a month-long suspension looks too harsh to be true given others have gotten away with much less while doing something worse.

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