A CSGO streamer has received a suspension from Twitch after shaving his privates in front of his viewers during a live stream on the platform.


It hasn’t been long since the streamer in question – ‘csgoambi’ – started streaming on Twitch. In fact, a glance at his Twitch Tracker page reveals that he had only been streaming since April 2021.

During a CSGO stream on January 27, 2022, csgoambi was seen finishing a ranked game before getting up from his chair. He returned to the stream in a few moments, but with a razor in his hand.

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He then proceeded to unbutton his pants and started shaving his pubic hair live on stream.

Why exactly did csgoambi shave his genitals in a Twitch stream is still unclear to many. However, Twitch mods were swift to ban the CSGO streamer from the platform for explicit display of nudity during his stream, which goes in violation with the Twitch ToS.

While the duration of his Twitch ban hasn’t been revealed, it’s highly likely that the suspension is a permanent one.

It didn’t take long for the clip to circulate across social media forums, drawing hilarious reactions from Redditors and Facebook users alike. 

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