Want something new and shiny to show off on your CSGO display page? Don’t worry, Valve has finally introduced the CSGO Service Medal 2022 that’s completely free to obtain and can be easily equipped on your CSGO profile’s display.


The 2022 Service Medal will be available to obtain for free starting January 1, 2022. The new Service Medal is an inspectable display item that will be visible wherever your avatar is shown.

How to Get the 2022 Service Medal in CSGO?

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Players can simply get their hands on the 2022 Service Medal by playing the game itself. If you’re having trouble redeeming the Service Medal, follow these steps:

  • Level up your CSGO account to level 40. You can get XP by playing matches in Casual, Competitive, Deathmatch and other official game modes.
  • Once you reach level 40 in CSGO, you’ll see an option to reset your account level and redeem the new Service Medal.
  • Once you successfully redeem it, your CSGO level will be reset to 0 and you’ll get the Service medal in your Inventory.
  • The service medal can be further upgraded by reaching level 40 multiple times in the same year.

That’s all you need to know about the 2022 Service Medal in CSGO. Now hop into the game and start levelling up your account before the new year.

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