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Martin ‘stavn’ Lund, Heroic’s star rifler could not attend the year’s final tournament, BLAST Premier World Final and was replaced by former teammate Johannes “b0RUP” Borup. The reasons for that were unknown at the time, and rightly so as the org respected and protected stavn’s privacy during this time. Heroic couldn’t get too far without their star player and went out in 7-8th place at World Finals, losing to Gambit first, and then NaVi.


In a tweet today, stavn spoke up about why he missed out on the event. The reason for that was the tragic loss of his brother Thomas ‘Lifedance’ Lund, who committed suicide few days before the event. In the post stavn explained how Lifedance stood in for him in a game against G2 on Cache back in 2016, when stavn was too young to play in the tournament. 

 Many of you were surprised that I missed BLAST Premier: World Final 2021. I thought for a long time whether to write this post or not. Since I am a public person and I have a good relationship with our fans, I decided to talk about everything.

A couple of days before the tournament, I learned the heartbreaking news – my older brother decided to die. Perhaps some of you know him from the video “famous lifedance yolo”, when he replaced me in the match against G2 on Cache – I was then too young to play in the tournament. For a short period of time he coached me and my brother Jacob in the Fragsters.

For me, he will forever be the best brother you can dream of. He is one of, if not the only reason why I am now at this point in my career. He also shaped me as a person.

I have spent the last couple of weeks with my family experiencing this terrible loss and pain. I want to thank the Heroic organization for their understanding, and my teammates for their love and support. Rest in peace, Thomas.

Lifedance also coached stavn and his brother Jacob during their younger days when they played on Fragsters. 

There was an outpour of love and support from everyone in the community for stavn, with everyone wishing him their best. 

Deepest condolences for Martin and his family, we hope they find the strength to deal with this difficult time. 

Rest in peace, Lifedance, you will be missed.

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