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G2 esports were defeated at the hands of Team Vitality in the first final of BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2022. Winning the game, Vitality secured themselves a spot at the BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2022 and will not need to play in the Spring Showdown. 

Vitality won their own map pick of Inferno while G2 demolished them on Mirage. The decider got a little close but the scoreline doesn’t tell the whole story, as Team Vitality had control throughout the whole map.


1. Vitality removed Ancient

2. G2 removed Overpass

3. Vitality picked Inferno

4. G2 picked Mirage

5. Vitality removed Vertigo

6. G2 removed Nuke

7. Dust2 was leftover

MAP 1 – Inferno: Team Vitality 16-10 G2 esports

Starting on their own map pick, Team Vitality lost the pistol but come back with a strong force buy and took control of the map. IGL Dan ‘apEX’ Madesclaire led by example, getting entries on both sides of the map as they took 6 rounds before G2 came up with a reply. Inspired by the Kovac brothers and AWPer ‘m0NESY’ with 13 kills each, G2 let the French-Danish side have only 1 more round as they brought the half as close as can be, going 8-7 in Vitality’s favor.

On the T side, G2’s weaknesses and lack of cohesion in the new roster showed. They could only get 2 rounds as ZywOo and dupreeh went ham, leading the charge with 14 and 12 kills respectively. They shut G2 down without breaking a sweat to take their pick 16-10.

MAP 2 – Mirage: Team Vitality 4-16 G2 esports

G2 got off to a flier on their own map pick. This was somewhat expected as the Danes – dupreeh and Magisk hadn’t played the map in 2 years as it was Astralis’ permaban. G2 ran riot on the T side, getting 11 rounds and only losing a round here and there, never really losing control and not letting Vitality have any streaks either.

G2 won 4 clutches on the map, including a 1v2 to end the map from NiKo, who had a rating of 2.20 and 25 kills to secure the map 16-4 for his side.

MAP 3 – Dust2: Team Vitality 16-12 G2 esports 

Dust2 as the decider was a drawn-out affair with moments of brilliance from both sides. Vitality had a better showing especially on the CT side as they limited G2 to just 5 rounds. They were trailing 4-5 at one point but the B site was locked down by dupreeh and with apEX and ZywOo on A, G2 felt constricted.

The T side for vitality was no different as they bounced back after a pistol loss and the score sat at 15-8 in their favor. G2 didn’t back down so easily and had a streak of 4 of their own but with the economy always in tatters, it wasn’t long before they crumbled and lost the game 16-12. 


G2 will compete in the last chance stage vs MIBR for a chance to qualify for BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2022 without dropping down to the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown.

Team Vitality confirms their presence at the Spring Finals and becomes the first team this season to secure their spot. 


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