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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) have lately been successful in monitoring a plethora of user accounts who have been reported for functioning in an illegal way within the game which were further convicted and banned in the wake of the former.

According to a latest report, the developers of the free to play game banned nearly one lakh accounts in a week’s time frame, between December 13 and December 19.

In addition the list of these convicted accounts were also published by the team at Krafton and are currently headed to a lige-time ban which is supposed to be administered shortly. This follows the previous ban wave which saw over 142,000 BGMI accounts getting blacklisted between December 6 and December 12.

On Monday. BGMI on its website published a statement to the community which stated around 99,583 accounts were permanently banned from Dec 13 ~ Dec 19 followed by the list of the same which was made public by Krafton.

You can Click here to download the PDF files which contains the list of the 99,583 accounts banned across December 13-19.

Being said, BGMI banned over 142,766 accounts between December 6-12. Similarly, the Krafton based company had over 157,000 accounts convicted across November 17-23. Krafton normally sends the player an ultimatum to fix any kind of internal errors which do conflict with the game files and may also lead to a ban if any kind of malicious files interfere with the anticheat. 

After the revival of PUBG as Battlegrounds Mobile India, the game will stop accepting data transfers from its previous iteration as players have an active window to do so until December 31st. 

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