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DLQ33 is one the best sniper rifle in COD Mobile currently. This sniper rifle boasts very good stats with high damage and very good accuracy. DLQ33 has remained in the top spot for more than a year and is still going strong in the current meta. 

Weapon Stats of DLQ33 Sniper Rifle

  • Tier- SS
  • Damage- 90
  • Fire Rate- 26
  • Accuracy- 59
  • Range- 99
  • Mobility- 32
  • Control- 32

While the gun boasts impressively high stats and can kill almost anybody at any range, the sniper rifle can be made better after using select attachments.

Recommended Attachments

  • Barrel- MIP Light
  • Stock- YKM Combat Stock
  • Laser- Tactical OWC Laser
  • Magazine- Extended Mag A
  • Perk-  Sleight of Hand (faster reload)

Using the above setup will increase the reload speed of the gun, plus using a lighter barrel and combat stock will add to mobility. Finally, the extended mag attachment will increase the bullets loaded per mag which will help to minimize the loss of 10 points of damage.  Although the attachments above reduce range slightly, the increase in control and mobility stats will allow you to reposition faster on the map and cover distance faster. 

Weapon Stats After Using Recommended Attachments 

  • Tier- SS
  • Damage- 80 (-10)
  • Fire Rate- 28 (+2)
  • Accuracy- 59 (+0)
  • Range- 91 (-8)
  • Control- 34 (+2)
  • Mobility- 52 (+20)

You can further boost stats on the DLQ33 with certain class perks. For example, the Agile perk will allow you to aim faster after sprinting which goes perfectly with the increased mobility and control. Secondly, using the perk Deadly Silence will allow you to become a silent assassin as it will silence the movement sounds. Lastly, using the toughness perk will reduce weapon flinch when being shot. 

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