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Season 12 of Apex Legends will be heavily focused on bringing around massive changes to the ranked modes that will be aimed towards making it more balanced than it ever was.

Set to drop at around 10 AM PST on 8th Feb 2022, the update will the rewards shift from kill based to more inclined towards placement based, which according to the developers will be more balanced and fair.

The max kill KP has been reduced from 175 to 125 per match and players won’t get bonus RP for kills/assists before making it to 10th position in a particular game.

“Last season, we made changes that opened up flexibility by compensating players with high kill counts that didn’t necessarily place first.”

“We like this flexibility, but after observing the pacing of high-level ranked games, we saw players were focused on seeking out kills a little too much.

With the rewards changing from kill-based to placement-based, teams will aim for a higher placement over individual accolades, which will make them focus on the bigger objective of winning the match altogether.

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